Skylight Is No More A Luxury For Homeowners


In general, there is a misconception among many homeowners who consider skylights as luxury items. According to them, skylights are the window equivalent hot tubs or heat-emitting bathroom tiles. In a real sense, a skylight is far more than just a ‘luxury’. In fact, this item is known to be a ‘must-have’ item in every home located in the Northern region where limited natural light is received. Knowing the importance of this item, the aspect of Roof Repair With Skylights has to be done with great care without damaging this essential part fixed on every roof. Because of the growing demand of skylight, suppliers have started making this item with modern technology. In order to update knowledge the roofing contractors, architects, students of civil engineering and marketing, can always browse the website at

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Window Vs Skylights

Many homeowners still think of a skylight as another type of a glazed window. A simple comparison can make them differ in many ways. Unlike a window, a skylight can be either flat or doomed as well fixed or vented. One can even compare the vented ones are similar to the casement windows in the roof. Electric motors are deployed in some of these expensive vented skylights. Perhaps, such type can be referred as ‘luxury’ as normal vented ones can be operated manually. Since skylights receive so much sunlight, they are more often tinted than the traditional windows. In order to withstand any fall on skylights, they are made with harder materials to absorb the impact.

Types Of Skylights

There are four basic models of Skylights are available in the market. Few details about these types are discussed below:
· Fixed Skylights: Here, a glass is fixed permanently. One cannot open or close.
· Venting Skylights (Manual): One can raise or lowers the glass to a certain level in the upward direction.
· Venting Skylights (Motorized): One can automatically lower or raise the glass by means of an electric motor. Trendy ones can even be operated by remote control.
· Tube Skylight: In this type, flexible tubes run between roof and ceiling to avoid a tunnel. Also, this is a fixed one and cannot move.

Cost of Skylight replacement
The cost of replacement of skylights will normally range from $850 to$1200 per location. Things like roof pitch, site access, roofing material and finally the prevailing weather determine the final price offered to the homeowners. Since the suppliers of these skylights may not be quite aware of the odd site conditions, the local contractors can be deployed for such replacements.

Installing a new skylight where one does not presently exist, the cost of such fresh work depends on several other jobs that are to be performed. These multiple tasks involve a carpenter, roofer, painter, and drywaller. Here too, the quote varies according to various scenarios like the condition of the roof trusses, hidden electrical wiring in the rooftop and the type of existing roof materials and so on.

Though installing or repairing Skylights offer some challenges, modern-day skylights have become indispensable for the modern homes.